Customized Song


Original Song

The person you are getting a customized song for will surely love the personal touch that they will receive in their very own song. It’s not just a song that places their name in it, but it is all about them. Created from all the info you give us. It is a completely original, customized song about your loved one.

Cause for Celebration

Birthday? Anniversary? Holiday? Graduation? Colleague leaving the work place? Holiday? Any reason you are celebrating is good for a customized song.

Have you ever felt like you don’t know what to get that person in your life? Maybe they have everything. Maybe you don’t have tons of money to spend. Whatever the case a customized song is something they will never forget. This will be the gift that they remember. This will be the gift that, when asked what their favorite gift was, it will be it.

Look for more specials here in the future.

Thanx to all who got their orders in for Valentines Day!



Q:How long does it take?
A: About 2 - 3 weeks (it could be sooner, but depends on all that is going on)

Q: What information do I need to turn in?
A: It’s all on the info form (click on the top menu)

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $50

Q: Can I get a CD also?
A: Yes, for an extra $5 we will put it on a CD for you.

Q: Is there anything you won’t sing about?
A: We will not use profanity, words of hatred, or racially motivated words, etc.

Q: Who sings and plays on here?
A: Erik w/a “k”

Lasting Gift

Want to give that gift they will never forget? This is the gift that would be played for years to come. Do you want it to be funny? Serious? It’s all up to you. Just fill out the info page and give us all the information you want in the song and we will create an original song that is uniquely designed for you.

Any Reason for Celebration
Music is a True Gift